• Course Description

    South America is one of the seven continents of Earth. South America varies greatly across and within its regions with regard to ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties and government systems. It also has a mix of many different climates. Without knowing South America the thirst for knowing the world will be incomplete. This course has been constructed basing on basic features of South America and its countries. The course has been divided into modules in accordance with the geographic division of the continent and each module comprises the countries (as lessons) of that respective geographic location. Last but not the least, this course will satisfy learners from different arena by providing them with the basic information of countries of South America

    Course Outcome
    • Learners will be able to learn the names of the remarkable geographical divisions of the continent and the names of the countries of that respective geographic location.
    • Learners will know the basic information of the continent.
    • It will allow learners to know about the basic information of each of the countries of the continent.
    • Learners will be introduced with the Emblem, National Flag and Map of the countries of this continent.
    Study Tips
    •  You can use flash cards.
    • Discussion and Group study would be effective.
    • Use the memorized information in your daily use.
    • You can arrange quiz session among group members.
    • Using a world map at the time of your study of this course would be convenient for your memorizing and understanding of the information.


    • Area17,840,000 square kilometers (6,890,000 sq mi)
    • South America includes 12 countries
    • Largest country BRAZIL (by area and population)
    • Smallest country GUYANA (by population)
    • Highest mountain MOUNT ANDIS
    • Longest river AMAZAN
    • Widest river AMAZAN (world’s widest)
    Study Plan




    1. Northern South America

    1.Colombia 2. Guyana 3. Suriname 4. Venezuela



    1 Hour

    2. Western South America

    1.Bolivia 2. Ecuador 3. Peru

    3. Brazil





    1 Hour

    4. Eastern South America


    5. Southern South America


    1.Argentina 2. Chile 3. Paraguay



    2 Hours

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